Denise's Huggable Day Care

When Learning is Fun, 
Children Love to Learn!

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We love our families, and our families love us. Read what they have to say!

We began sending our boys to Denise’s Huggable Daycare last year and could not be happier!  Our son, Carson (3) loves going each day and enjoys all of the various activities that Denise provides from arts and crafts, learning letters and numbers, to playing outside with the other kids.  Denise provides a safe environment that is structured yet fun for the children.  Carson can’t wait to show us all of the things he has done each day.  As a teacher myself, I know the importance of early learning, and Carson is definitely experiencing this during his time at daycare.  We are grateful for the care that is provided to him while we are at work each day and trust Denise completely.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a safe, caring, learning environment for their child.

Kelly Sturm


Our daughter Savannah joined Denise’s Huggable Daycare when she was 7-months old.  She stayed there until she started kindergarten (2003 through 2008).  Savannah begged to go back there the first summer while school was out.  To this day, Savannah talks about all she learned and loved at Denise’s Huggable Day Care.


Everything about our experience was so positive and wonderful that our oldest son and his wife put our first grandchild in Denise’s Huggable Daycare in March of 2010 and they love it as much as we did. 


We all feel blessed to have found Denise Kaffenberger to keep our kids in a healthy and safe environment while we work.


Gretta & Kurt Schwarzwalder

Macomb, MI


 Five years ago, we were looking for a daycare provider for our daughter as my wife was returning to work.  We found Denise’s Huggable Daycare run by Denise Kaffenberger, and after visiting with Denise and contacting references, we decided to have our daughter spend her days there while we were working.  Now, we have both of our children (Madeline, 6 and Peter, 3) with Denise and looking back, we realize how lucky we are to have such a great provider for our children.   

It was very important to us to have our child with someone who would be able to provide them with individual attention and develop a trusting relationship with them.  Denise has done all that and more.  The kids truly love the time they spend with her and they have grown both socially and scholastically.  Denise not only has daily activities with the kids, but she also works with them on preschool learning activities.  Madeline, now that she has entered ½ day kindergarten, is doing very well and we really feel that part of that is because of the time she spends with Denise. 


Denise runs a very well organized childcare center from her home in Macomb and she has a terrific set-up for the kids for all ages.  The other benefit and joy the kids receive from being there is that they learn together with other kids and grow together with them.  All the children have become great friends and this provides a level of reassurance and comfort for us as parents to know that our kids are being well taken care of, they are learning, they are with someone we trust, and they are with friends that they enjoy being around. 


Peter and Amy DiLella



Denise’s Huggable Day Care came highly recommended to my husband and I even before having a child was a thought in our mind.  The trust that other parents have expressed in Denise made our decision of which day care we should place our baby in extremely easy, and we had only hoped that when the time came she would have rooms for us.  Denise is kind, generous, and thoughtful and goes above and beyond for her kids at the day care, as well as their parents.  We are able to go to work everyday knowing that our daughter is in safe hands and that she is truly having fun, enjoying herself and learning new things every single day.  I would recommend Denise Huggable Day Care to any parent that is looking for an exceptional environment to place their children in.

 Sincerely, Adam and Lisa Ball


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